Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Making a Huge Difference in the World


investorAn outstanding entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor, Robert W. Duggan knows what it takes to set a goal and to accomplish it with the right attitude. Throughout his life, he was able to meet his objectives for his business because of his exceptional entrepreneurial skills and ability to put the right strategies into action. Thus, it is not surprising that he has gained massive success from his endeavors.


Robert Duggan was born in California, and he also spent most of his life in this state. He pursued a college degree in economics at the University of California, in Santa Barbara. After his studies, he decided to take his education farther by attending school at the University of California, in Los Angeles. There, he took up business management, and he graduated from the said course in 1968. It was his passion for learning that helped him gain not only the knowledge necessary for success in his field, but also the experience and skill essential in the world of business.

Professional Experience

One of Duggan’s achievements as an entrepreneur was when he established his very own securities investment firm, which was called Robert W. Duggan & Associates. This firm was situated in Palo Alto, and he served as its founder and principal investor. In addition, he was the firm’s notable adviser and director of several businesses that focused more on the production of medical supplies, computer technologies, and consumer retail goods, to name a few.

It is also worth noting that three of Duggan’s venture capital firms became traded publicly on the NASDAQ, as well as the New York Stock Exchange. He also had two other business ventures, which were bought by Fortune 500 companies. Hence, he was able to reach higher grounds in his endeavors as he became more and more successful in his projects.

Other Achievements

Duggan currently hold the position as the CEO of the company called Pharmacyclics, Inc. In fact, he is also the company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors ever since 2007. However, he was involved in a different responsibility before he was in that company. In 1990, he was Computer Motion’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. His term ended in 2003.

In 2003, Intuitive Surgical Inc. and Computer Motion merged, and by this time, he served as one of the members of Intuitive Surgical’s Board of Directors.


Duggan realizes the importance of giving back to the community as a way of uplifting other people’s lives. For instance, he is an active supporter of “The Foundation for a Drug-Free World”. It is a type of nonprofit organization that intends to help adults and the youth to live a life that is free from the negative effects of illegal drugs. Currently, the organization has numerous volunteers who continue to educate the people about the dangers of harmful drugs, which they did so by distributing millions of drug prevention pamphlets and airing public service announcements via several media channels.

Moreover, Duggan donates to one of the finest rehabilitation program for drug addicts and alcoholics. The main purpose of this organization is to assist people who suffer negative consequences of abuse through natural methods.

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