Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Why is OneMarketData helpful?     


Backtesting Strategy Software ServiceDo you have a big industry? Do you want to make good profit from your business? Do you require any type of support financially? In such cases, you require simple software for dealing effectively. If this software is cheap and easily understandable, then it becomes truly beneficial to you. You can easily install this software at your workstation and you do not require offering any training to your employees even.

Generally, in case of any financial matters in your office, a huge database is essential. In this regard, the database should also be always maintained. Otherwise, your company can suffer losses of huge amounts of secret or essential data. Nowadays, you can find a number of companies that solves all of such problems related to financial databases, by offering software or other mechanisms. Among those companies, OneMarketData is an excellent company that is well-known for some remarkable services.

How does OneTick solve problems of their customers?

OneMarketData is no doubt a great company having offices in London, New York, Yerevan and Tokyo. Their professionals are highly experienced in the field of finance and its relevant issues. This is why they have extensive knowledge on how overall database management system of your company can be easily handled. Also, the most important aspect about their service is that they are largely affordable.

The journey of this company started with Dr. Leonid Frants in 2005. He was involved with many big industries and firms and provided exclusive solutions in the field of finance. He also worked at the departments of trading at some popular firms like Goldman Sachs, as well as Morgan Stanley.

Nowadays, this company offers OneTick that is software and is used to solve any problems related to database, as well as finance. This product brings some advanced techniques in trading which are no doubt faster than those that have been previously used. It also has the ability of inspecting, recording, saving and also restoring real-time, as well as historical tick data. In this way, the overall database of your company is managed well. If you avail services from OneMarketData and install OneTick into your machine, then your business can surely improve in all aspects.

Technology behind OneTick

OneTick is a great discovery by OneMarketData, a great service that solves financial matters. But, what makes this product faster and flexible? The answer is backtesting. This is a methodology that is used to solve financial matters. Apart from this, it is also used in meteorology and in oceanography.

This strategy makes the usage of OneTick easy. It is an exclusive technique that analyzes curves of equity, factors necessary for profit etc. There is some excellent logic used in this algorithm that helps you to understand the current structure of market. This is why you can easily predict the position of your company at present time and take steps accordingly. So, OneTick is surely the best backtesting software in today’s competitive market.

Advantages of OneTick

Some of the advantages are:

  • The strategy is very easy. So, you will not require any training before using it.
  • Improves trading greatly.
  • The cost is affordable.

OneMarketData is an excellent company that can solve almost all types of problems related to finance. Moreover, OneTick enhances its reputation as well.

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